Coronavirus – Where we stand

The Coronavirus Pandemic continues to be a serious and deadly challenge throughout the world. As of the time of this post, there are 382,000+Cases and 16,000+ Deaths worldwide. Many countries around the world have been put on a state of “Lockdown” and last night the UK joined this status. CinderCards will continue to operate during … Read more

Fairy-types removed from Pokemon TCG

In a fairly major shake-up of the Pokemon TCG, the upcoming new Sword & Shield series officially does away with the Fairy ‘Type’. This is obviously quite a shock move, given that many of us enjoy using Fairy types in our games. This has been done to ‘re-balance’ the game. Moving forward, all Pokemon that … Read more

Kick off 2020 with our New Years Sale!

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Cosmic Eclipse Coming Soon!

Brand new Pokemon TCG Expansion released 1/11/19 The final Sun & Moon Series Expansion Cosmic Eclipse is now upon us. Released tomorrow, this expansion will be the last one in the series before the Sword & Shield Expansion launches in early February 2020. We take a brief look at some of the top cards to … Read more